Thinking of having your garden designed

If you are thinking of having your garden designed and/or landscaped, I read a couple of things recently that you should bear in mind "employing a designer costs money.  Their time and expertise need to be supported."  And "building a garden costs money.  Skill levels, labour, and material rates are equivalent to any other part of the construction industry."

As with anything, you get what you pay for.  If you go for the cheapest opition you may not get the best job.  There must be a connection between the designer and client, a rapport, it makes for a much better working relationship and the whole process will be very pleasurable, if not it will be hard work all the way. if you get on with the designer the chances are their contacts will be amiable to.  If having your garden landscaped use a landscaper rather than a builder, there is a difference.  A landscaper can random lay paving, it is an art,  a builder will get a pattern from a builders merchant and lay to that pattern, when you look at it you can see the pattern repeating, that is not truly random laid.  Have a look in the back of a paving catalogue and you'll see what I mean.  The two quotes earlier may seem like pointing out the obvious but they are both regularly overlooked!