Gardening obsession

My blog has gone to pot over the passed few months.  Unfortunately my father died in November and life seems to have just stood still while I try to keep mum on an even keel.  My father was an obsessive gardener, he was probably a plant hunter in a previous life, he didn't believe in right plant right place, if he liked a plant (usually something not hardy) he would grow it, that was the challenge he needed, to give it the conditions in order to keep it alive.  More often than not he got it right and he'd get this bit smug grin on his face.  Gardening is an obsession.  My father had hundreds of hellebores, not because he particularly liked them, just because every time they seeded everywhere he would pot up the seedlings in case there was something special, even though he had to wait 3 years for them to flower to find good colours.  Surplus plants ended up at plant sales or with me.  Several years ago he gave me two echiums, because I liked them.  I wouldn't buy them because they are not hardy  here.  How ironic that they waited until he had died for them to flower.  It is now I who has that  Smug grin!