Mulching pays off

It's difficult to know what to do in the garden at the moment.  We're in drought conditions with more rain in such a short space of time than we have seen in many years.  There's nothing you can do except keep off the soil.  Any digging that was done in the spring will be a waste of time if you go and walk all over it now.  If you really have to sow seeds or harvest crops do it from a board, this will spread your weight more and do less damage.  I have been good and kept to paths.  I've been cutting asparagus for a few days and have made a note in my diary to stop cutting around mid June.  the date is not important, the timescale is.  Only cut for 6 weeks, this will give the plants time to recuperate for next season.  If you continually cut all year you will end up with spindle like spears and risk killing the crown altogether.  A well looked after crown should crop for a good 20 years.

I'm on top of everything in the garden at the moment.  Most unusual.  Mainly due to all my spring Woodchip mulching.  This has eliminated all need for any weeding.  This gives me plenty of time to dream about the Chelsea flower show in a couple of weeks, one of the highlights of the gardening calendar.

Looking forward to some sunshine to get things growing!