Beyton Open Gardens

If you're interested in seeing a garden I have designed checkout Beyton open gardens near Bury St Edmunds this Saturday 9th June 2012 from 2pm til 6pm.  3 The Birches, Beyton was designed by me and built by NJC Landscaping 6 years ago and is maturing nicely.  It is one of 20+ gardens open.  I shall be floating around the village getting my garden fix and looking forward to meeting like minded enthusiasts.

Garden Designer from Bury St Edmunds visits Chelsea Flower Show

As always I visited the Chelsea Flower Show this year.  It's the highlight of my gardening calendar.  As always it didn't let me down.  Needless to say i'm particularly interested in the show gardens but the floral marquee is full of mini show gardens and definately wasn't left in the shade.  I couldn't decide on a favourite main avenue garden, I was stuck between Tom Hobblyn's, Andy Sturgeon and Joe Swift.

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Welcome to my blog

It's a whole new experience for me.  I hope my website answers any questions you have, if not please let me know, phone or email.

I'm on a bit of a learning curve at the moment with the whole website & social networking thing.  I guess you're on a learning curve with the whole gardening thing.  It's always good to have someone to ask so don't hesitate to call.  One thing common to all gardeners is they love to talk about their favourite subject, even if they're on another topic they always end up talking about plants and gardening!

I have a Diploma in Garden Design but more importantly I am a jobbing gardener which means whatever I design will be practical.

Anyway, this blog will give you some tips throughout the season.

My first tip:- spray your peaches and nectarines with Bordeaux mixture now, to guard against peach leaf curl.  It's just one of those 5 minute jobs that I never get round to and then when I see those curly leaves...............

Happy gardening